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CTE Course Descriptions


Students learn basic budgeting, investing and banking skills. Through online curriculum, students gain money skills through experiences during activities, videos and projects to better manage and maximize their potential financial future.

Criminal Justice

Students learn the history and application of the police, courts, and correctional systems. Also, they learn key aspects of criminal theory and basic law structures. All of the course content is a great introduction for future lawyers, policeman, judges, or any of the thousands of positions in the criminal justice field.  

Graphic Communication

Students learn to master the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign applications to create print, digital and web based visual communication products.

Photography/Visual Design & Communications

If you like PHOTOSHOP, ART, and/or Photography, this pathway is for you! Students use Photoshop, your own photographs or artwork to communicate ideas.  

Video Production

Students learn how to operate TV Studio equipment and use Video Cameras to shoot and edit Digital Video with Final Cut Pro X.

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