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Carol Kruser
  • Unified Basketball
  • College Fair
  • Mix It Up day at Lunch
  • Teachers vs Students Basketball
    Game played 11.20.18
    Students were the winners!
  • Dancing with the Teachers
    November 29, 2018
  • Lorraine's Soup Kitchen Collection
    Pride Week 2019
  • 2018 Graduation
Mission Statement
Chicopee High School promotes an educational program that stimulates and guides the intellectual, emotional, creative, social and physical development of all students in a safe environment. Through a rigorous academic program, all students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop the 21st century skills necessary to make meaningful and responsible contributions to the global community.
Information for students to pick-up their belongings and return books

Chicopee High School Student Schedule to return items and clean out Lockers

Time 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Tuesday May 26th- A - D
Wednesday May 27th E - I
Thursday May 28th J - M
Friday May 29th N - Q
Monday June 1st R - T and Senior Chromebooks
Tuesday June 2nd U - Z and Senior Chromebooks
and make ups

Students must come in with masks on.
Only students allowed. No friends or family.
Family must wait outside.
There is no socializing. Students must come and empty lockers and gym lockers.

All AJROTC uniforms should be labeled with the students name and put on the wardrobe rack in the front lobby.

All Instruments must be placed in Ms. Ingraham’s classroom
There will be a box outside of the library for library books.

All textbooks from home or lockers must be labeled with the students name (post it notes will be provided) and placed in room 212.

All students/parents needing to pick up medicine must call the clinic and the nurse will bring the medicine out to the side door. 413-594-3471

Any student who has personal items in a classroom that was not brought out must stop by the front office and ask about getting assistance to get the items.

Undergraduates will return chrome-books June 15th.

Senior Chromebooks should be returned to the guidance conference room. Do not forget the charger.